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COVID Safety Restrictions Update as of June 18, 2021:

AG体育网站首页登录 has updated our COVID-related safety protocols across Greenmarkets, Farmstands, and 新鲜食品箱 sites in accordance with new guidelines from 的 CDC and New York City and State Departments of Health.

Vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear masks and social distancing will no longer be enforced. AG体育网站首页登录 no longer regulates touching/handling produce.

Individual farm businesses may set 的ir own safety requirements; please read signage at stands.

All concerns regarding this policy should be addressed to AG体育网站首页登录 management via email at

Since 的 coronavirus pandemic hit New York City, AG体育网站首页登录 has responded swiftly to 的 needs of our community.

认为必要的企业, we quickly reconfigured our 80+ food access sites to keep 的m open and safe for shoppers, 生产商, 和工作人员. ​We are working with community partners to deliver free 新鲜食品箱es to low income New Yorkers who are undocumented, 失业, 或者在急需帮助的社区挣扎. 另外, we have been building out distance learning resources to continue to support educators and 的 general public as learning spaces move remote.

50年了, AG体育网站首页登录 has been a resource for all New Yorkers who want to improve quality of life and protect 的 environment. You can continue to rely on us for access to fresh food, education, green spaces and more.

AG体育网站首页登录 Greenmarkets, Farmstands, and 新鲜食品箱 Sites Map and Schedule

AG体育网站首页登录的 80+ open-air Greenmarket locations, Farmstands, and 新鲜食品箱 locations are crucial to 的 250 regional farmers and 生产商 who sell through 的m, as well as to 的 hundreds of thousands of New York City residents who rely on 的 的m as an essential source of fresh, 健康的食物.  Eighty-five percent of our farms report that 的y would not be in business if not for 的 ability to sell directly to New York City shoppers.

一如既往地, SNAP/EBT is accepted at all AG体育网站首页登录 Greenmarkets, Farmstands, 新鲜食品盒的位置. 

*一些 食品废料丢弃点正在重新开放. 看到AG体育网站首页登录的 堆肥项目页面 的更新.

*一些 服装集合 at Greenmarkets are re-opening. 看到AG体育网站首页登录的 衣物收集计划网页 的更新. To schedule a pick-up of textiles for a fee, please contact 可穿戴的集合


农贸市场的开放程度为 重要的零售业务 而纽约州在P.A.U.S.E. 


视图 实时更新 on market closures and AG体育网站首页登录 program schedule changes, and 关注AG体育网站首页登录 在社交媒体上.


的农民 is a platform that allows customers to pre-order from 的 farmers market for pickup, 或者安排送货上门. 

学习更多在 的农民

COVID Guidelines - Market Safety for Shoppers 

We encourage you to please ad在这里 to 的 following safety protocols to protect yourselves, 你的顾客, 以及AG体育网站首页登录的制片人和他们的雇员. 

  • 面具欢迎 & 鼓励
  • 未接种疫苗的人: 所需的面具
  • 个人市场站 可能需要面具
  • 如果你生病了,就呆在家里


免费用餐信息, 食品分发处, 提前入学, 现金援助, 医疗补助计划, 以及提供食品运送援助 在这里.

另外, AG体育网站首页登录是 working with community partners to deliver free 新鲜食品箱es to low income New Yorkers who are undocumented, 失业, 或者在急需帮助的社区挣扎.


Due to school closure and social distancing measures, our 教育 项目 are currently not operating our Zero Waste and 食物 & 学校的营养计划, 学校花园工作坊和赠品, Greenmarket tours or Teaching 花园 field trips. 与此同时,AG体育网站首页登录开发了一个 远程学习资源页面 for educators, families, and students of all ages, including our 虚拟教学的花园, w在这里 you can keep up with planting and projects at our Teaching 花园 at Governors Island and explore related activities you can do at home.


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近50年来, AG体育网站首页登录 has made it easy for New Yorkers to take everyday actions that benefit 的 environment. Serving over 3 million New Yorkers every year, our programs encourage all citizens to lead mindful lives, 比如季节性和本地饮食, 节约资源, 保护绿色空间. 请考虑任何数额的捐款AG体育网站首页登录现在比以往任何时候都更需要您的支持.